Terms & Conditions

Like most of the UK CBD suppliers we set out in the industry as consumers. This means we were met with a wonderful focus on helping and providing an ethical service to their customers. Here at Natura Choices we want to allow our customers and members to explore what is best for them, as we all know CBD it is subjective to the individual. Some people may react in ways that others won’t, and this has shown an incredible movement in the industry for collective information sharing and advice. This does mean that you should start taking our supplements in much smaller amounts and build yourself up gradually to your desired dose.

As a supplier of CBD supplements here in the UK we are limited on how we can advise our customers on taking our products. This doesn’t mean we don’t care. Although frustrating for you and the team here at Natura Choices, at this stage in time it is out of our control as you may hear from the other suppliers in the UK.

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